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The Importance of Wheel Nut Link Indicators & Retainers for Heavy Vehicle Fleet Safety

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Simple-to-use, low-maintenance, accurate and highly cost-efficient, REDCAT Wheel Nut Link Indicators and retainers are regarded as a critical wheel safety component for modern heavy vehicle fleets in Australia and internationally.

Used as a preventative tool for heavy vehicle fleet wheel safety checks across the world, REDCAT link indicators and retainers play an invaluable role in facilitating quick, effective visual inspections and audits.

REDCAT Wheel nut link indicators and retainers rely on the simplicity of real-time mechanical indication, whereby any movement or loosening of wheel nuts and associated issues like overheating brakes may be visually detected by fleet drivers, service personnel or company staff in minutes.

Standard Wheel Nut Indicators Vs Loose Wheel Indicator Retainers

Standard Wheel Nut Indicators – also known as loose wheel nut indicators, visual indicators, lug nut indicators, or wheel safety indicator systems – are cost-effective wheel safety solutions that offer heavy vehicle fleet drivers and service inspectors a simple, fast and reliable way to visually inspect and identify any indications of loosening wheels and overheating brakes.

Loose Wheel Indicator Retainers – also known as link indicators, or wheel safety link systems – offer the same safety visual indication benefit as standard wheel nut indicators. The defining difference is that indicator-retainers prevent pending failures by restraining the wheel nut from further loosening or total detachment.

Why Link Indicators are Effective for Fleet Safety and Prevention of Unnecessary Costs

REDCAT Link Indicators and Retainers are popular among big fleets because they are proven to increase the overall safety of heavy vehicles and reduce the likelihood of unprecedented fleet servicing and maintenance costs.

Wheel nut indicators and retainers facilitate pre-emptive wheel safety, allowing for timely intervention before issues persist. It is this early detection that minimises the chances of requiring costly repairs and damage caused by lapses between scheduled serving or delayed or neglected inspections; minimising expensive part replacement and improving the reliability of your heavy vehicle logistics.

Furthermore, wheel nut link indicators and retainers can be instrumental for avoiding accidents, thereby decreasing the likelihood of unscheduled downtime of heavy vehicle repairs and potentially fatal wheel detachment incidents.

Diagnosing Wheel Safety Issues with Link Indicators

It is a well-documented fact that loosening wheels are caused by a relaxing of the wheel assembly behind the nut, resulting in reduced clamping force, rim movement, and fretting of the assembly.

Although insufficient clamping force is the main reason wheel assemblies fail, without the use of wheel nut indicators and retainers there is no other cost-effective or productive way to diagnose loosening wheel nuts or other defects.

Simply preventing the wheel nut from turning will not stop this event from happening, as the reduction of clamping force usually takes place within the assembly, not the nut. If wheel issues are not identified early enough, wheel failure, road accidents, further mechanical issues and wheel detachment are imminent.

The consensus among wheel safety experts is: the earlier the identification, the better the resolution. Heavy vehicles that solely rely on scheduled maintenance for wheel safety (without internal checks facilitated by the use of a wheel nut link indicator system) are at risk of large accident compensation claims, loss of reputation and/or vehicle loss, and risking the safety and cost of their fleet, team and the public

The only real solution to a loosening wheel is early identification and resolution.

Indication and retention by link indicators and Retainers provide the opportunity to identify and resolve issues between service periods which would otherwise be missed. It is a vital component for the increased efficiency and safety of your fleet.


REDCAT is a world-leading manufacturer and global distributor of wheel safety products. We continue to complement and expand our large range. Released in 2014, our patented next-generation indicator retainer designs are recognised as providing the most efficient wheel safety available and are utilised by progressive fleets worldwide.

All of our wheel safety products have a high UV stability and are designed to last in the harsh Australian climate. Additionally, all products have a designed heat sensitivity, which provides invaluable efficient feedback regarding sticking brakes.

To date, we are the preferred partners and suppliers to Australia Post, Australian Defence Force, Toll Group, Startrack, Linfox, Cleanaway, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Holcim, Hanson, Hornibrook Buses, SBS Transit Singapore, London Transport, Go Ahead Transport Singapore and more.

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