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Why Buying Australian-Made Products Matters: REDCAT® Wheel Safety

When we choose Australian-made products, we are not only supporting our local economy but you the consumer reap benefits that are often overlooked. Read on to learn the value-laden benefits of Aussie made products.

Did you know that REDCAT® Wheel Safety Products are Made in Australia?

Correct! All REDCAT® wheel nut indicator products are certified as Australian-Made and carry the Australian-Made logo.  

Why buy Australian-made products?

Higher Standards

Australian-made products are manufactured to very high standards and are typical of much higher quality than imported products. In addition to meeting manufacturing standards, the manufacturing environment must comply with Australian Workplace Health and Safety (WHS or OH&S), environmental, and labour laws. 

This ensures that Australian products are made to a standard, not down to a price. Australia has a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the highest-quality products in the world, which falls back to the safety of the products you are using. 

Consumer Protection

Australian law ensures that Australian-made products come with guarantees and warranties that protect the consumer. This may not be the case with imported products where customer service and warranty claims can be much more difficult and unsatisfactory. 

Australian manufacturers are subject to strict regulations and guidelines, which means that products made here are of high quality, reliable and safe. Moreover, purchasing products made in Australia ensures that they have been produced under fair working conditions and meet high safety and environmental standards.

Reduced Risk

Recent trade tensions and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the vulnerability of supply chains and the potential risks and costs of supply from overseas markets. 

Buying Australian-made loose wheel nut indicators significantly reduces supply chain risk with faster lead times, lower delivery costs, and increased supply certainty.

Environmental Benefits

Manufacturing in Australia is subject to strict environmental protection policies, so purchasing Australian-made wheel nut indicators usually means lower energy consumption, more recycling, and lower greenhouse gas emissions than imported products.


The growth of offshore manufacturing and increasing purchase of imported products has resulted in a steady decline in domestic manufacturing and skilled workers. 

Purchasing Australian-made products is critical to the economic development and prosperity of the nation as it creates local jobs, boosts the economy, and supports the local community. Every manufacturing job created in Australia results in the creation of another four jobs in the local community.

Furthermore, strong Australian businesses contribute to the national economy through tax revenue, reduced welfare costs, and increased well-being. A thriving economy encourages government spending on infrastructure and services that provide a foundation for future growth and prosperity.

REDCAT® understands the importance of supporting local communities and creating jobs in Australia. By manufacturing our products locally, they contribute to the growth of the Australian economy, while also ensuring that our products are made to the highest standards.

REDCAT is an Australian-owned and operated company that embodies these Australian manufacturing values – a shining example of a company that is committed to manufacturing high-quality wheel safety devices in Australia while also contributing to the growth of our economy. In conclusion, choosing to buy Australian-made products is not only a smart choice for the consumer but also a positive step towards supporting our local communities.