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Established in 2000, and now a leading manufacturer and global distributor of wheel safety products, we continue to compliment and expand our large range. Released in 2014 our patented next generation indicator locker designs are recognised as providing the most efficient wheel safety available and are utilised by progressive fleets worldwide. We know wheel safety, our qualified technical expert has years of fleet experience in the mining, transport, military and aviation fields.

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Our global goal is to provide the best product designs, customer service and wheel safety education available. Maintenance fundamentals remain, early identification and resolution of potential failure dramatically improve fleet efficiency and safety. Products which do not provide clear early identification compromise these very basic rules, we only design high quality products which address the best visual identification concepts. Our sales team continue to develop global relationships with distributors who share these values and welcome your enquiries.

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NB – The use of REDCAT indicators assist in the pre-emptive identification of loosening wheels, they are not intended to replace or compromise recommended vehicle, wheel or hub manufacturer’s maintenance procedures, or operator maintenance structures. Redcat indicator/restrainers provide an increased safety window to allow for identification and resolution of pending wheel detachment. Redcat do not take responsibility for incorrect use or failure to adhere to advised manufacturers or operators maintenance procedures. Indicator restrainers temporarily extend the wheel safety window to allow for timely visual identification of pending damage or detachment. Indicator restrainers or other wheel safety products will not restrain a loose wheel indefinitely. Standard operator awareness of excessive wheel vibration, wobble or noise is still required to be acted upon. Overlooked or compromised inspections and or responses can ultimately result in wheel failure and or detachment.