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Optimizing Fleet Safety through Training on Loose Wheel Nut Indicators and Retainers

For fleets seeking more productive, efficient, fast and easy wheel safety checks for their drivers, link indicators are hands-down the most practical and easily integrated mechanism for overall fleet safety and asset management.

Easy to integrate into your new driver inductions, existing company training and educational programs, link indicators help fleet management teams reach their KPIs, asset management, WHS, compliance and safety obligations.

No one can deny the value of systems that are simple to introduce, implement, and manage. Link Indicators are one of the fastest, effective and most simplistic systems to understand, use and track.

Why should Fleet Drivers be trained and educated on Loose Wheel Nut Indicators & Retainers?

Simple-to-use, low-maintenance, accurate and highly cost-efficient, REDCAT® Wheel Nut Link Indicators rely on the simplicity of real-time mechanical indications.

Any movement or loosening of wheel nuts and associated issues like overheating brakes may be visually detected by fleet drivers, service personnel or company staff in minutes using link indicators.

REDCAT® Link Indicators and Retainers are the ultimate friends to all fleets for pre-emptive wheel safety.

Proven to increase the overall safety of heavy vehicles and reduce the likelihood of unprecedented fleet servicing and maintenance costs, these simple yet highly effective wheel inspection indicators are also cost-effective.

Wheel nut indicators and retainers allow for timely intervention before wheel safety problems become real. Essentially, early detection minimises road accidents caused by wheel defects.

Not only does early detection improve fleet productivity, but it also decreases the likelihood of costly repairs and damage. Overlooked or undetected wheel defects are far more common without using link indicators to undertake visual inspections.

Link indicators reduce the mechanical opportunity for defects to arise between scheduled servicing or delayed or neglected inspections, minimising expensive part replacement and improving the reliability of your heavy vehicle logistics.

Furthermore, wheel nut link indicators and retainers can be a highly effective protocol for avoiding accidents, casualties and fatalities, decreasing the likelihood of unscheduled downtime of heavy vehicle repairs and potentially fatal wheel detachment incidents.

Link Indicators are the Ultimate Friends to All Fleets

Integrating loose wheel nut link indicators or retainers into your fleet operations is simple and one of the fastest safety precautionary measures to implement to existing regimes or induction programs.

Talk to REDCAT® today about implementing Loose Wheel Nut Link Indicators and Retainers as an essential part of your heavy-vehicle fleet operations. We have the knowledge and the expertise you need to bring your fleet up to speed with comprehensive warranties, technical support and after-sales support.


REDCAT® is a world-leading manufacturer and global distributor of wheel safety products. 

Released in 2014, our patented next-generation indicator restrainer designs are recognised as providing the most efficient wheel safety available and are utilised by more & more progressive fleets worldwide. We continue to complement and expand our extensive range.

All REDCAT® wheel safety products have high UV stability and are designed to last in the harsh Australian climate. Additionally, all products have a developed heat sensitivity, which provides invaluable & efficient feedback regarding sticking brakes.

We are the preferred partners and suppliers to: Australia Post, Australian Defence Force, Toll Group, Startrack, Linfox, Cleanaway, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Holcim, Hanson, Hornibrook Buses, SBS Transit Singapore, London Transport, Go Ahead Transport Singapore and more.