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REDCAT® 1 Standard Wheel Nut Indicators


Wheel Nut Indicators
loose wheel nut indicators
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The  REDCAT 1 Loose Wheel Indicators provide real time, between service constant visual indication of LOOSENING wheels and OVERHEATING brakes.

For cost-efficient, effective and proactive fleet maintenance and increased safety, your wheel safety product must, at the very least, provide an indication of these issues between scheduled maintenance checks. This allows for timely scheduled intervention, minimising expensive part replacement and unscheduled downtime.

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These issues are the fundamental reasons for loosening wheels. If not detected early, due to high cyclical loads, these common problems will quickly result in expensive wheel end repairs, excessive vehicle down time, or at worst disastrous wheel detachment

Please Note: The REDCAT Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator can be cleaned using any of available detergent solutions, or kerosene, and are unaffected by road salts or petrochemicals. The REDCAT Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator default colour is safety yellow.

High Temp Indicators

high temp indicators

Available in 21, 22, 31, 32, 33 and 41mm
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Safe Installation

loose lug nut indicator
loose nut indicator inward Redcat
Lugnut indicator

Unsafe Installation

Wheel nut Indicator
Loose Lug Nut Indicator
Loose Lug Nut Indicator

Redcat can provide specific colour coding to enhance corporate fleet branding (minimum orders apply, talk to us)

Redcat can provide cut down facilities for custom length safewheel extended indicators. (minimum orders apply, talk to us)

REDCAT Indicator Applications

  • Bus Fleets – Government and Private
  • Mining Industry – Open & Underground
  • Local Councils and Government Fleets
  • Airport Ground Equipment
  • Road Transport Industry
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Railroads
  • Dockyards
  • Military Vehicles
redcat industries

REDCAT Loose Wheel Nut Indicator Fitting Tool

Simply place the standard indicator in the alloy tool, align indicator pointer in your preferred indicator pattern and tap on with a rubber hammer.

Designed for 28 to 33mm indicators.

Does your wheelnut product constantly monitor and clearly identify under torqued wheels, stud fatigue stretch and hub wheel settling – three of the most common reasons for loose wheels? – if not, fit REDCAT indicators and reduce maintenance costs by early detection and timely intervention.

loose wheel nut indicator fitting tool

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NB – The use of REDCAT indicators assist in the pre-emptive identification of loosening wheels, they are not intended to replace or compromise recommended vehicle, wheel or hub manufacturer’s maintenance procedures, or operator maintenance structures. Redcat indicator/restrainers provide an increased safety window to allow for identification and resolution of pending wheel detachment. Redcat do not take responsibility for incorrect use or failure to adhere to advised manufacturers or operators maintenance procedures. Indicator restrainers temporarily extend the wheel safety window to allow for timely visual identification of pending damage or detachment. Indicator restrainers or other wheel safety products will not restrain a loose wheel indefinitely. Standard operator awareness of excessive wheel vibration, wobble or noise is still required to be acted upon. Overlooked or compromised inspections and or responses can ultimately result in wheel failure and or detachment.